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Lyfe Swimwear is an online shop proudly based and operated in Calgary, AB. Lyfe Swimwear was inspired to bring women together to feel confident in their own skin and to allow women to feel their best.

Female Owner and Operator, Lyla, also a wife and mama of two precious boys,  first thought of the idea to create a swimwear shop back in 2018, during her first maternity leave, after realizing the limited swimwear styles available that offered the coverage she was looking for, being a new mom, she felt she needed different styles. It was then, that she began to develop the foundation of Lyfe Swimwear. But after much contemplation and uncertainty, she put her ideas a side. It wasn't until her second maternity leave in 2020/2021 that she revisited her ideas and worked hard to make Lyfe Swimwear a reality. Lyfe Swimwear shop was built to empower women for everything they are and everything they give. 

The first 2 letters of "LYFE" "L-Y" come from her name Lyla. and the "F-E” represents feminine.  A brand for women to embrace their femininity and love LYFE. 


Lyfe Swimwear brings a variety of unique, fashionable and affordable styles to choose from. We carry pieces that offer the right coverage, and styles that will make you look good and feel good.

Lyfe  Swimwear Shop has everything you're looking for to soak up the sun. Our collection features fabulous one-piece sets and high waist sets that conform to your lovely shape. You can get a different look for everyday and for any sunshine activity, from pool lounging, to beach days and vacation destinations.  We are dedicated to bringing you the most stylish, comfortable  and quality swimwear. Our styles are designed to suit all body types and make you feel confident and beautiful. We believe that every woman should embrace her femininity. 

We believe that all women are equal and beautiful no matter their size, shape and color. We are working on building our brand to be more inclusive to all women so stay tuned. 

Lyfe  is full of sunshine and beauty. We are committed to bringing you continuous new fashionable swimwear styles to choose from. You deserve to enjoy the beauty that Lyfe has to offer. 

We hope you love our swimwear styles as much as we do. Join our Lyfe adventures by following @lyfe.swimwear on Instagram. 

Please connect with us we'd love to hear from you info@lyfeswimwear.ca 





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